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Space Dust


A Christchurch institution of absent idols (only John Christoffels still resides in the garden city from the classic line-up), dating back to 1993 but seldom surfacing more than a single gig every couple of years. The group was original formed by Patrick Faigan (aka Duane Zarakov), Mick Elborado and Martin Henderson (aka Brother Love) – with Faigan’s sister Violet up-front in her first band, and Christoffels on bass.

A series of guitarists and organists came and went over a productive period during the mid 1990’s, with the group recording 3 albums and cutting a number of releases on vinyl for both American (18 Wheeler, Carburetor) and New Zealand (Kato Records, Homebacon Music, Stink Magnetic) labels.

The debut ‘Beatle!’ got stuck unreleased for a period as the label behind the release (18 Wheeler) went on an unexpected hiatus.

Space Dust – No Kissing In Public (1999, Homebacon Music)

The group managed to tour the United States with a make-shift line-up comprising the core trio of Violet Faigan, Duane Zarakov and Brother Love, with Doug Pearson and John Allen joining the line-up – without Violet they became the Brother Love band.

The group enjoyed some visibility with their songs included on the New Zealand feature film ‘Snakeskin‘, which coincided with the release of their 1999 CD ‘No Kissing In Public‘. The single ‘Too Much Action’ was given a video and his probably their most well-known song. The album was reissued by Powertool Records in 2014.

Violet Faigan moved to Auckland, so for a period the group was comprised of Faigan, Zarakov and the Constant Pain duo of Roddy Pain and Cameron Bain, though further line-up changes continued up their too (Sean O’Reilly on bass and occasionally Brother Love would venture North from his new home of Wellington to complete the line-up).



  • Cool Car‘ 7″ Single (1994, Homebacon Music / 18 Wheeler, EWR-008)
  • Beatle! (1995, 18 Wheeler, EWR014)
  • First To The Future (1995, Carburetor Records)
  • No Kissing In Public (1999, Homebacon Music)
  • Live 93 Cassette (Stink Magnetic, MAG24)


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