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As this is the rebirth of I still have no idea what the intended function of the site will be.

The original website has a long history, originally being an archive of music reviews it morphed through stages as a gig guide and live music photography exposition, but lay dormant for almost a year, a great chunk of which I (Chris Andrews) was away from my beloved home-town.

The focus however is definitely on Christchurch, New Zealand and the art and culture contained within this wonderful city.

I’ve been gradually adapting the old Artist profiles and adding new reviews, photos and other such content – and now has a dedicated facebook page.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mitchell Dickerman

    Some time ago, The Big City was a fantastic resource for obscure NZ bands, including their discographies. What ever happened to those pages? Are they still on a hard drive somewhere? The information was incredibly valuable and often the only place on the ‘net to find it.

    Thanks for your commitment to great NZ music!


    1. Hey Mitchell – thanks for your comment. Yeah the profiles and whatnot are stored in a hard drive somewhere, however its kind of a hard thing to put back together. There is the old archival site up (the ‘old site’ link), however it doesn’t contain much of the content your referring too.

  2. Legendary Wellington band Skank Attack to release archival material

    I was wondering if you were interested in receiving our press release about this?

    The first single ‘Down Around Our Ears’ is now available from
    Our album will be available round NZ mosic month.

    Skank Attack, the late eighties Wellington three-piece band notorious for their high energy sound and socially aware songs, recently unearthed the multi-track tapes from their last recording session and have worked with respected New Zealand music producer Nick Roughan to mix the best songs for release in 2012.

    Roughan, whose long and impressive CV includes playing and producing with Skeptics, Dimmer, and The Adults, recorded the original Skank Attack sessions (with help from Brent McLachlan of Bailter Space) at Wellington’s Writhe Recording Studios, back in 1988.

    Realizing the dark but melodic sound they created back then would appeal to both their former contemporaries and a new audience, former Skank Attack members Phil Simpson, Jeff Eden and Steve Cochrane have selected the track Down Around Our Ears to launch a series of online single releases on 1.2.12. This will be followed by release of the album Here on Out, which will be timed to coincide with NZ Music Month.

    It’s been a long time coming, but we feel confident the wait will be worth it. Expect driving, rhythmic arrangements, cool graphics and lyrics that seem as relevant today as they did well, back in the day.

    To hear the new single click here:

    For further information visit the Skank Attack website:

    Or contact Phil Simpson 021 509 292

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