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She’ll Be Right Records

Jody Lloyd started producing his own material as Trillion in 1997, and formed She’ll Be Right records the following year. She’ll Be Right proudly bill themselves as “New Zealand’s only dedicated natural accent focused recording label”, and have a recording roster that includes Billy Wilson, Duff, Lindon Puffin, Jeremy Taylor, St Lucy, Bazuki Joe, Ragamuffin Children, Mustard, Delaney Davison, Tono, John White, Phil Johns, Andy Gibson and Lloyd’s own outfits Dark Tower, Trillion and The Trillion Band. The label is also responsible for publishing the Christchurch-based Catalyst Poetry books (under the Neoismist Press inprint), which have been in print since 2003.

Lloyd is an excellent producer and has created a huge catalogue of collaborations, compilation albums, remixes and other releases. His website ( is a terrific archive of all things related to Trillion and the She’ll Be Right label.

Compilation Discography
Picks In Bold

  • Shadows on a Flat Land [1998]
  • Fresh Jams [2002]
  • Catalyst Poetry Series 1 [2005 w/ Neoismist Press]
  • Audio Agriculture in the 21st Century [Trillion Remix Album 2007]
  • Catalyst Poetry Series 7 [2008 w/ Neoismist Press]
  • Catalyst Poetry Series 9 [2011 w/ Neoismist Press]


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    Muzai Records

    Auckland-based independent label formed by Martin Phillips and Benjii Jackson in 2009, with Michael McClelland (writer for and Maeve Munro, completing the team. With a focus on youthful groups and a D.I.Y. ethic, their albums are distributed NZ-wide by RhythmMethod, and the label favours on-line releases through the likes of SoundCloud / BandCamp etc.

    The label made a splash in their early days by releasing a series of compilations that featuring primarily ‘All-Ages’ groups, i.e. those under NZ’s legal drinking age – the most visible being Bandicoot and Kitsunegari. More recently, Benji Jackson had a public fall-out with previous label group Sherpa, with the group pulling out before the release of their debut album.

    Other groups associated with the label include: Nice Birds, The Bemsha Swing, Cat Venom, God Bows To Math, Ipswich, Psych Tigers, Pairs, Sunken Seas, Wilberforces, Idiot Prayer, Operation Rolling Thunder, Onanon, Mountaineater, Hussies, Cool Cult, Full Moon Fiasco, Roy Irwin, Diana Rozz, Fatangryman, BMX Rapists and Postures.

    Compilation Discography
    Picks In Bold

    • Fuck These Bands [2009]
    • Fuck These Bands Too [August 2009]
    • Fuck These Bands III [2011]

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    Legendary and short-lived indie punk label that debuted right on the cusp of the New Zealand underground explosion (i.e. they predate and are noted as a precursor to Flying Nun). Ripper was basically where New Zealand punk first surfaced with the likes of the Suburban Reptiles, the fleetingly popular Swingers, Scavengers etc – basically the cream of the early New Zealand punk scene.

    Get hold of the ak79 compilation – later reissued as a joint release (with many bonus tracks) through Flying Nun and Propeller which was Rippers’ key archival document, and one of the finest compilations any New Zealand label has ever put out.

    Compilation Discography (picks in bold)

    • AK79 [1980 RPR1]
    • Hauraki Homegrown 1980 [1980 RPR2]
    • Ghost Milk Soup [1981 RPR005]
    • Rip Shit Or Bust 12″ ep [1983 rip026]
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    Stink Magnetic

    Fantastic DIY record label formed by Dylan Herkes in 1999. Originating in small town Manawatu, Stink Magnetic released hand-made Cassette Tapes by a diverse array of underground New Zealand acts: “NZ garage, surf, Hawaiian industrial, experimental country disco, Spaghetti Western, esoteric trash, rap and stone-age punk bands”.

    Herkes has himself been a member of many Stink Magnetic bands such as Pro Drag, The Chandeliers, and his solo project turned reborn band the Tape Men. Stink Magnetic had a studio in Rutland Street, Whanganui, and the various acts on the label were notable for their extended DIY Nation-wide tours – ‘The One-Man-Band Tour’ was documented in a great DVD release. Herkes relocated to Christchurch in 2009/2010, but the label continues to release new music and promote acts across the country.

    Acts associated with Stink Magnetic include: Golden Axe, The Side Effects, Space Dust, Hot Swiss Mistress, Boss Christ, High Plains Drifters, Full Fucking Moon, Double Ya D, Knifefight, The Damned Evangelist, Cortina, Star Factory, Wrongdoings, Made For Chickens By Robots, The Hi-tone Destroyers, Pro-Drag, The Raskolnikovs, Delaney Davidson, I Drink Your Blood, Voodoo Savage & His Savages, Mr. Slackjaw, Bad Evil, Sheville, Sets and the Mysterious Tapeman / Tapemen.

    The label was strongly tied to Andrew Tolley’s also-excellent Kato records, plus Whanganui venue Eye of the Night, run by the late (great) ALC5.

    Compilation Discography
    Picks in Bold

  • Wolf Party [2010 MAG47]

    Contact Details

    • Stink Magnetic Email [Label Email]
    • Stink magnetic
    • PO Box 11
    • Longburn
    • New Zealand [postal address]

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    Xpressway was formed by Bruce Russell in 1985 to release his then-fledgling Christchurch band the Dead C, live archival recordings from This Kind Of Punishment and the debut solo material from Alastair Galbraith. Over the course of the next 23 (mostly cassette-only) releases, Xpressway, Russell and his comrades themselves formed an ever-growing niche-market of dark, brooding releases, mostly in lo-fidelity form, but full of character.

    Xpressway was the label that set the careers of Stephen Cogle, Peter Stapleton and Brian Crook (between them being a major part of Victor Dimisich, Scorched Earth Policy, the Terminals and the Renderers), the Jefferies brothers and David Mitchell in motion, quite an achievement. Their brilliant compilations Xpressway Pile-Up and Making Losers Happy were re-released by overseas labels in the early 90s, hastening the influence of these inspiring 23 releases.

    Russell ended the label once they had achieved global recognition, as he had always intended Xpressway to be a stepping-stone toward competent distribution, and they had achieved that by the early 1990s with American labels like Siltbreeze, Drunken Fish, and Kranky and European labels Turbulence, Ajax and Raffmond picking up a fair portion of the labels many talented musicians. Russell then launched Corpus Hermeticum – an outlet for even more challanging music (mostly by his own personal pool of musicians, but expanding into even overseas experimental and underground musicians).

    Compilation Discography
    Picks In Bold

    • Xpressway Pile Up [1988 XWAY5]
    • I Hate Pavel Tishy’s Guts [1989? promo issued in 2 versions XWAY6]
    • Xpressway Pile=up [reissue with extra tracks 1990]
    • Making Losers Happy [1991]
    • Whats That Noise? 7″ album [1992]
    • I Hear The Devil Calling Me 7″ album [distributed by drag city 1993]

    Contact Details

    • Xpressway is no longer active, but you can contact label-head Bruce Russell directly:
    • Bruce Russell [Label Head / Email Contact]
    • +64 3 328-9276 [fax number]
    • Bruce Russell
    • PO Box 124
    • Lyttelton
    • New Zealand [Postal Address]

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    Yellow Eye

    Small Dunedin based label that put out the excellent 3-disc ‘But I can Write Songs Okay..’ anthology of Dunedin music, dating back to the late 50s. Formed by Simon Vare and Steve Cournane to release Dunedin Pop and Jazz, they christened the label with the release of the out of the Yellow-Eye 4-band compilation, which featured Vare and Cournane’s skiffle outfit The Weetbix Boys.

    Compilation Discography

    Picks In Bold

    • Out Of The Yellow-Eye [1991 Eye001]

    • But I Can Write Songs Okay.. Triple-Cd Compilation [1997 Eye005-007]

    Contact Details

    • Yellow-Eye Music [Official Website]

    • Simon Vare [Label Head / Email Contact]

    • Yellow Eye Music

    • Po Box 6173

    • Dunedin North

    • New Zealand [Postal Address]
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    Tiny Auckland based soul, funk and world music label, releasing a couple of compilations from a vast, eclectic assortment of New Zealand acts (both English and Polynesian language.

    Compilation Discography
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    • Sugarlicks Website [Official Website]
    • Gareth Farry [Label Email Contact]
    • +64 21 657-497 [Cellphone Contact]
    • +64 9 827-1715 [Fax Contact]
    • Sugarlicks Records
    • PO Box 68923
    • Newton
    • Auckland
    • New Zealand [Postal Address]

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    A Low Hum

    A Low Hum is the music journalising and tour production monolith of one Ian ‘Blink’ Jorgensen; who became a big part of the New Zealand independent music scene throughout the 2000’s with a never-ending array of tours, zines, cd releases and events – usually each of impeccible taste and quality, whilst still maintaining a DIY ethic.

    Blinks’ zine’s expanded to include original EPs and then CD compilations, and eventually he was distributing full albums for bands as bonus CD’s. However in October 2007 Blink celebrated the arrival of his A Low Hum label complete with the release of Disasteradio‘s excellent Visions and the Enright House‘s A Maze and Amazement – two top-notch releases from artists that have been tied to Blinks’ various endeavours for some time.
    Compilation Discography
    picks in bold

    • Volume: Wellington Turns Down [2003]
    • A Low Hum CD1 [may 2004]
    • A Low Hum CD2 [june 2004]
    • A Low Hum CD3 [july 2004]
    • A Low Hum CD4 [august 2004]
    • A Low Hum CD5 [september 2004]
    • A Low Hum CD6 [october 2004]
    • A Low Hum CD7 [november 2004]
    • A Low Hum DVD1 [dec 2004]
    • A Low Hum CD8 [march 2005]
    • A Low Hum CD9 [march 2005]
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD1 w/ Xanadu‘s self-titled bonus album
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD2 w/ Dead Pan Rangers‘s self-titled bonus albumrn
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD3 w/ Dana Eclair‘s / Ghostplane‘s ‘The National Velvet EP’ and unrelease material bonus cdrn
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD4 w/ Disasteradio‘s ‘Synthtease’ bonus albumrn
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD5 w/ Urban Tramper’s ‘Best Of, So Far’ bonus album
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD6 w/ Looma‘s ‘III’ bonus album
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD7 w/ Ejector’s ‘Two Thousand and Three’ bonus albumrn
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD8 w/ Enright House‘s ‘Broken Hands EP’ bonus albumrn
    • A Low Hum Series 3: CD9 w/ Dark Beaks ‘Spill Your Heart’ bonus album
    • A Low Hum DVD2
    • A Low Hum DVD3
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    Fine formerly Christchurch-based (their first release was a 7″ Lathe by Atonal Death in 1998), that moved with label-head Peter Wright to his new base in London in 2003.

    Ever-linked with the similarly-focused kRkRkRk label (who also release Wright’s material), Apoplexy has a less industrial focus, releasing artists such as Polio, Antony Milton, and with a back-catalog that includes material as varied as Atonal Death and Nick Hodgsons’ CM Ensemble material.

    Compilation Discography

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    • Apoplexy website