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Every Secret Thing

every secret thing (aka est – also the name of a comic/fanzine that scott published) was a home taping label established by rob scott and incorporated a lot of his home demos (usually as electric blood, but also in many other totally unknown bands) along with ultra-rare recordings from the likes of wreck small speakers on expensive stereos, the weeds and various compilations featuring many dunedin and christchurch bands.
the label no longer produces tapes (lasting until the mid 90s), with scotts’ official solo debut being released by flying nun in 2000. their entire catalog is very very rare, due to their low-run, limited distribution approach and the relative obscurity of the labels acts.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • songs from the lowlands cassette [1984 EST 02]
  • big southern hits cassette [1984 EST 13]
  • the hills are alive: whistle up a wind cassette [1985 EST 25 / RAITH 117]
  • the hepton festival cassette [1986 EST 28]

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