The Feelups


Short-lived 3-piece garage-rock group comprised of Palace of Wisdom and Ruling Elite duo Andrew ‘Ox’ O’Connell (vocals) and Chris Andrews (stand-up drums) along with The Convics’ Connie Benson (guitar).

Look out !! the Feel Up's are coming !!!8th of June @ the Hell Fire Club,with The Ruling Elite & SUSHI.'the Feel Up's are living the Pacific dream' . . .

Posted by Andrew O'Connell on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Made their debut in June 2017 with a short set at the newly re-opened Hellfire Club (formerly El Santo Porteno and originally the British Hotel).

A great night with The Feel Ups @ the Hellfire Club !! with Christopher James Andrews and Connie Benson.

Posted by Andrew O'Connell on Wednesday, June 21, 2017


  • Andrew ‘Ox’ O’Connell (vocals, 2017)
  • Connie Benson (guitar, 2017)
  • Chris Andrews (drums, 2017)



French for Rabbits

Lovely Dream-pop from former Ragamuffin Children keyboardist Brook Singer (keyboards and vocals) and John Fitzgerald (guitar). First appeared with the release of the BandCamp single ‘Two’s Company’ in late 2010, showing how strong and evocative Singer’s song-writing has become.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Claimed by the Sea [November 2010 self-released]
  • Two’s Company [November 2010 self-released]
  • The Cats [July 2011 self-released]


Flip Grater

Formerly Christchurch and now Auckland-based singer-songwriter with an Indie-Country feeling to her songs.

Flip reached a greater level of exposure with the release of her own cookbook, which consisted of many vegetarian meals, and which she toured around New Zealand playing shows with a backing band consisting of Kris Wilson (banjo, also of Happiness Stan), Simon Hall (mandolin, electric guitar), Tim Chesney (bass) and Simon Brouwer (drums).

Flip has enjoyed continued success in the past 3 years, playing the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, and having her songs used heavily in New Zealand Television advertising.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Cage for a Song [August 2006 self-released / maiden records]
  • Be All and End All [July 2008 self-released / maiden records]
  • While I’m Awake I’m at War [July 2010 self-released / maiden records]



Downbeat chiptune’s from ex-Christchurch resident Jos van Beek, currently residing in Auckland. Jos has been pretty heavily involved in making Chiptune music more visible in New Zealand (particularly Christchurch), playing a renegade slot at Camp A Low Hum, supporting touring Chiptune artists like cTrix and collaborating with Bang! Bang! Eche! vocalist Zach Donney.

2011 was particularly productive, with his debut self-titled EP, the single ‘Door to Door’ and 2nd EP ‘he lives forever so that we may sing’ (released by net-label ‘pxl-bot’) all appearing in quick succession.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Fauxhound [June 2011 self-released]
  • Door to Door single [September 2011 self-released]
  • he lives forever so that we may sing [November 2011 pxl-bot]


4 Man Bob

6-piece ska band from Christchurch formed in 2001. Nolan Hungerford (Guitar/Vox), Aaron Chandler (Trombone), Joshua Hughes (Trumpet), Brendon Grant (Guitar/Vox), Chris Head (Drums) and Malisa Palalagi (Bass – though i think she may have been replaced). Played a number of high-profile support slots and council organised events since forming, and placed well at the 2003 Dux band competition, despite splitting the audience.

Their debut album was self-funded, recorded at Sweetjuice Studios and released, though they’ve seen a bit of national distribution and exposure (thanks to a choice time-slot on the ‘Play It Strange’ televised event). Personally not my flavor, they have become quite popular in the garden city.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • 4 Man Bob [2004 Self-Released]


Fats White

eclectic powertool records outfit with an affinity for unusual instruments: ‘carpenters saws, a largerphone, made up entirely from recycled bottletops – washboards, horns whistles, jew harp’. released their debut in 2005 whilst appearing on a couple of powertool records’ live documents – the kaleidoscope world series.
picks in bold

The Features

[the features ‘city scenes/secret/police wheels’] our first single, recorded at mascot studios for a cost of $1100, which left me with a shortfall of $700, sold about 1000 over three or four weeks…breaking even was never our strong point! a wonderful record, full of angst, which summed up auckland pretty much for me thenrn- simon grigg: taken from griggs’ propeller archive website

jed town, karel van bergen, chris orange and james picker. a short lived auckland punk band who managed to make it on to the excellent and highly recommended ak79 compilation. jed town went on to form the highly bizarre fetus productions.
picks in bold

  • ‘city scenes’/’secret’/’police wheels’ 7″ single [1980 propeller REV1] rn
  • perfect features exposed ep [1980 propeller REV6] rn