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Nocturnal Projections

Excellent post-punk four piece that came out of small-town Taranaki in 1981, featuring the first recordings of Peter Jefferies haunting baritone vocals. Over the course of 2 years the group released 2 demo cassettes, 3 EPs and a terrific single before disbanding, giving way to later group This Kind of Punishment.

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Nemesis Dub Systems

Biography Early Wildside Records electronic dub outfit comprised of future Unitone Hi-Fi member (and production wizard) Joost Langeveld along with his NRA bandmate Eddie Chambers. Stinky Jim (aka Auckland DJ and musician Jim Pinckney) was a regular contributor, and some… Read More »Nemesis Dub Systems

Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica were a punky underground-rock group from mid-1980’s Christchurch featuring snotty, ranting vocals from Lawrence Kennett (aka Lawrence Lens), driving bass from Phillip Hubbard, and a young Lisa Preston on her Yamaha Electone keyboard.

The group played regularly and toured with The Axemen (Lawrence was responsible for a lot of their Super 8 films), with saxophonist Alan Wright playing double-duty in both bands at the time.

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Naked Sailors

A mid-1990s side-project of super-prolific Armpit / Futurians lof-fi / experimental / noise musician Clayton Noon, presumably with his Armpit bandmate Jon Arcus (aka Sugar Jon).

The Nerve

An offshoot of Mobile Stud Unit, but with more serious intentions, The Nerve released a CD ‘Gobby’ in October 1995. The Nerve were Jamie Stone (guitar, vocals, synth, bass, slide guitar), Jocko Ellis (guitar, vocals), Jude Richards (bass, vocals) and Jamie Low (drums). They also have one song, Fat little fucker, on the Green Eggs and Hamilton compilation. The Nerve won the Contact 89FM Battle of the Bands in 1997. Jamie Stone went on to form Trucker.

Richard Neave

Richard Neave was an uncompromising noise artist and extreme audience provoker.

He spent years beating up his guitar either solo or flanked by musicians such as Nick Hodgson/Harte, Lee Noyes, Peter Wright etc.

Taking great pride in pushing the annoying, provocative nature of his playing he drove audiences away where-ever he played. Needless to say he was a legendary figure in the Christchurch underground music scene and those of us who knew Richard were very sad at his passing in 2010.

Negative Eh

Wellington trio making lo-fi psychedelic and experimental noise. The group released a flurry of lathe cut releases in the late 90’s before resurfacing as the Electronic / Abstract / Experimental / Jazz outfit Nova Scotia.

Naked Spots Dance

Early 80s Wellington post-punk outfit in the style of the Au Pairs, with long-standing members Kate Walker and Stephen Norris, plus a rotating cast of drummers and vocalists, including well-known Actor/Comedian Jennifer Ward-Leland and future Oscar winner Fran Walsh.

Normal Ambition

Formed in Auckland ’82 by Jeffrey Bunt, Peter Matich and Gregg McKenzie, and later joined by David Ford on drums (all originally from Taupo), the Normal Ambition recorded two studio albums in 83/84, releasing them on Paul Lurker’s Industrial Tapes… Read More »Normal Ambition

Nether Dawn

Yet Another Antony Milton Project! Guitar-Noise/Drift/Drone. Nz Free Noise Turns All Psychedelic And Transcendental. Everything Is Beautiful And Broken. If This Was The Foundation Of Western Music, Vhf Records Would Be Top 40 And Mathew Bower Would Be Our President.… Read More »Nether Dawn


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The Neighbours

Rick Bryant’s Almost Successful Early 80s Troup. Endless Touring The Company In The Company Of Trudi And Chris Green, Sam Ford, Ken James, Poss Cameron And Tim Robinson. Discography The Only One You Need Ep [1982] Links BandCamp Page LastFM… Read More »The Neighbours