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Nether Dawn

Yet Another Antony Milton Project! Guitar-Noise/Drift/Drone. Nz Free Noise Turns All Psychedelic And Transcendental. Everything Is Beautiful And Broken. If This Was The Foundation Of Western Music, Vhf Records Would Be Top 40 And Mathew Bower Would Be Our President.
Last Visible Dog

My Late Night Electric Guitar Drone ‘Blues’ Project. When I Record This Project I Generally Hand A Mic Out Of A Window Sometime Around Midnight (Usually On Rainy Nights), And Improvise Along With The Incidental Sounds, Building Up Layers (With More Guitars, Organs, Violin) Until I Have A ‘Finished’ Piece. Its Kind Of ‘Gestural’ And Lush (Lots Of Reverb…)
Antony Milton []



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