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Lesley Speaker

Lesley Speaker was a Dunedin trio fronted by Kitset’s Peter Hobbs, putting out a 7″ lathe cut single and a CDr EP on the Beat Atlas label in 1998. Hobbs went on to become a movie soundtrack composer and studio engineer.

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Lanky was a short-lived group formed by former Jean-Paul Sartre Experience singer-songwriter Jim Laing. The group put out an album on the then-fledgling Arch Hill Recordings label in 2000 before disappearing, with Laing’s backing band all going on to David Kilgour’s Heavy Eights.

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Look Blue Go Purple

Look Blue Go Purple was an influential and resilient all-female indie-pop group from Dunedin during the Early-Mid 1980s. Despite facing chauvinistic attitudes, they released 3 stellar EPs on Flying Nun, with their debut ‘Bewitched’ reaching No. 21 on the pop chart. Their impact endures through the compilation ‘Still Bewitched’.

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Lonely Harris Club

High School-aged shenanigans from future BnP members. Lonely Harris Club were firmly a party band with a focus on covers (specifically a large catalogue of Brian Jonestown Massacre songs, plus a handful of classic nuggets).

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Manic Christchurch outfit based around the extreme bass guitar talents of (apprentice Wizard) Ari Freeman, with drumming by Andrew Robins, piccolo bass by Andrew Moore and the junk percussion of Mike Fordham (original member Adrian Currie moved to Wellington in 2002). Released an EP before moving on to other groups.

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Lamp of the Universe

Hamilton-based former Datura multi-instrumentalist Craig Williamson has released an ever-growing discography of solo albums since Datura’s demise in the late 1990s, originally under his own name, but now under the bizarre hippy-pseudonym Lamp of the Universe.

Jody Lloyd

Prolific formerly Christchurch (now Melbourne) downbeat and hip-hop producer, now performing under the name Trillion.

Louie and the Hotsticks

Christchurch stalwart Al Parks’ 1980s outfit – a slick professional band who played regular residencies with long sets featuring both covers and originals. A mix of Jazz-Rock and more bluesy numbers with multiple vocalists and a brass section.

Lip Service

Auckland pop-rock 4-piece with a couple of D.D. Smash’s members, who put out a major label debut on CBD before morphing into similar outfit Neons.

Leper Ballet

Biography Christchurch 4-piece with a heavy Birthday Party flavor comprised of Mark E Smith-channeling vocalist Janus Currie, Nick Cave look-a-like guitarist Herbert Palmer, drummer Kris Taylor and bass-playing Karate enthusiast Rush Jopson. These guys exploded onto the local scene in… Read More »Leper Ballet

The Livids

palmerston north outfit comprised of andrew carey, nathan harris, regan o’brien, sean o’brien, who released several albums on the spotty dog label, before fracturing, carey and o’brien going on to form trough. Discography picks in bold hard of hearing no.1… Read More »The Livids

Last Man Down

ross mullins, bob shepheard, steve garden and nigel gavin. Discography picks in bold state house kid [1985 ode SODE210] this sporting life [1986 ode SODE244] parting shots [1988 ode SODE290]

Lucid 3

girl comes from taranaki to the big smoke of auckland city, meets up with a guy at a party who suggests she come and meet with a friend who is a producer.this chance meeting was just the beginning for lucid… Read More »Lucid 3


napier based indie-rock / garage outfit comprised of martian selman (drums) and deanne taumata (guitar , vocals). Discography picks in bold ld3 [2001 self-released]