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Lichen Pole

grayson, john, steve and broc. Discography picks in bold ebola cola ep [1995 word of mouth / mediate music]

The Labcoats

wellington sextet with a long history in jazz and rock circles, ex-mutton bird david long, six volts steve roache and brotherly duo david and anthony donaldson, and the new wave of ricki gooch – trinity roots and toby laing of… Read More »The Labcoats

The Longshoremen

wellington duo of stephen clover and ross kettle, who (so far) have released a single ep on the headshy lathe-cut label. Discography picks in bold ‘morphine’/’parasol fraternity’/’blowing glass’ lathe-cut 7″ single [headshy HS001] the longshoremen 7″ lathe-cut ep [headshy HS003]

Laughin’ Gas

Biography Jungly electronica from the hand of Baden French, out of Dunedin. A couple of albums on Arclife Records, along with prominent place on their Arc Beats compilation. Members Discography


napier based 3-piece melodic guitar outfit with a big sound, constantly linked with fellow-napier locals (the much-touted) jakob. formed in 1998 by jesse booher (guitar / vocals), elise du fresne (bass) and nick hart (drums – who was later replaced… Read More »Looma

The Lils

Biography Formed in August 89 The Lils were an Auckland based group originating from Christchurch. Two New Zealand tours, one cassette EP and an album later, their sound is undeniably true to their roots. The Lils have been described as… Read More »The Lils


donald mcpherson with tim cornelius, james currin, nathan thompson. Discography picks in bold liquified lathe cut [self-released]


Biography 3-piece Christchurch rock outfit in a fairly Unwound-style vein with dramatic guitar tension and vocals that veer between hushed and dramatic. Lome is a three-piece comprised of the ex-Substandard duo of Danny Bare and Gareth Heta along with Bare’s… Read More »Lome


unsigned but productive auckland rock outfit (named after the fridge!) comprised of james clark (vocals), mark stebben (bass / vocals), matt barnett (guitar / vocals), erik johansen (guitar – recently departed for spain) and andrew parkin (drums). been around since… Read More »Leonard


[profile thanks to rob mayes]arising from the distant ashes of blue flesh syndrome and cell, lurch were a combination of british shoegazing and semi-industrial riffing, with a touch of early goth. the band consisted of: layton davies – vocalist /… Read More »Lurch