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The Lils


Formed in August 89 The Lils were an Auckland based group originating from Christchurch.

Two New Zealand tours, one cassette EP and an album later, their sound is undeniably true to their roots. The Lils have been described as “high octane, polished guitar pop” and this aptly described features that make The Lils stand out.

There is a definite vein of controlled power driving this melodic based band and the tightness with which the band deliver their songs while managing to maintain that rawness and “edge”, only helps to show this bands vision more clearly.

The perfect pop song? maybe.

Lodestone sees the culmination of a years hard work by the band to capture an albums worth of material and deliver it hot to the public. it was recorded and mixed in four different studios.

– Rob Mayes of Failsafe Records


  • Boyd Thwaites (Bass, 1989 – 1994)
  • Darcy Thwaites (Guitar/Vocals, 1989 – 1994)
  • James Anderson (Drums, 1989 – 1994)
  • Carl James (Vocals/Guitar, 1989 -1992)


  • Lodestone (1991, Failsafe Records SAFE018)



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