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High Street Project


High Street Project was a long-running art gallery set up as an artist-run, not for-profit project with a particular focus on emerging artists. Housed by multiple venues (in and around Christchurch’s High Street) over the course of 19 years, it also functioned as a performance space for a number of underground or experimental acts prior to the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010 – 2011. The project also employed a variety of ‘offsite’ spaces – one-off artworks in a public location.

For a huge chunk of the 2000’s both High Street Project and the Physics Room hosted regular gallery openings and performances, usually with ample supplies of free drinks and nibbles – as a result they were always well attended, no matter what was on display or who was performing.

I can’t speak for the quality of their art pieces, but I can say their performances were almost uniformly excellent – I’ve attended breath-taking performances, stretching the boundary of how you define ‘music’. The amount of experimental and noise shows hosted by HSP really accelerated from 2007 onwards.


Here’s a list of performances I’ve managed to extract from their website – some offsite venues have been noted:

Looking at the list above might give you an idea of the breadth of styles HSP covered over the years – from minimalist electronic performers to extreme noise artists, from the ultra-obscure to the latest now-sound at the time.



  • 178a High Street, Central Christchurch (1992 – 1994)
  • 132 High Street, Central Christchurch (1995 – 1997)
  • 130 Hereford Street, Central Christchurch (1997 – ?)
  • Level 1, Lichfield Lane – Accessed via 140a Lichfield Street, Central Christchurch (200? – 2009?)
  • 84 Lichfield Street, Central Christchurch (2009 – 2011)

Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

130, Hereford Street, Central City, Christchurch, Christchurch City, Canterbury, 8011, New Zealand

Level 1 Lichfield Lane, SOL Square, accessed via 140a Lichfield Street

Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Current Status: No longer running

Active as a live music venue: 1992 – 2011

Manager: –


Capacity: –

All-Ages: Yes


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