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The International Telepaths

Lo-fi Garage rock’n’roll duo from Dunedin, circa the early to mid 2000’s. Released an album on guitarist/vocalist Dianne Smith (aka ‘Lucy Lurex’) label and promised a 2nd before promptly disappearing in 2005.

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The Insurgents

Christchurch-based pop-group, The Insurgents were the darlings of the all-ages scene courtesy of their involvement with Will Edmonds’ Out of Kilter. The original line-up of Young, Coffey and Ellis displayed a strong Brit-pop influence on Chris Young’s songs, whilst Mike Ellis added an element of US Indie-Pop to proceedings.

Ellis and Young have tremendous chemistry together, shaping their songs with perfect harmonies and huge hooks, whilst Coffey keeps things nice and tight.

The Incisions

Nick ‘Harte’ Hodgson’s loud rock’n’roll outfit.

Started life as Tony Valens and the Incisions in the mid 90’s and were mostly concentrated on primal rhythms and harsh, noisy guitar flourishes – creating some absolutely brilliant sounds far outside the commercial scope of rock’n’roll.

Idle Star

a christchurch pub band, no less. their self-titled and self-released debut was a valiant attempt at some kind of credibility. maybe next time. Discography picks in bold idle star [2002 self-released]

Insert Name Here

solo alias of craig houghton (ride on estrada), who’s released a couple very lo-key, melodic, and occassionally country-tinged albums on the small stinkbuzz inprint, specifically in short-order lathe-cut runs. i ran into craig travelling to sonic youths’ fantastic 2004 gig… Read More »Insert Name Here


hamilton based rock band that put out their debut to pretty uniform acclaim, but soon disappeared from view. Discography picks in bold shiny [1996 independently release]

Into The Void

a caustic, chaotic, sprawling mess of a band. been around since the late 80s, putting out a pretty grotty (and not particularly good) self-titled album in the early 90s, back when they had more of a straight metal focus. since… Read More »Into The Void


infinitesimal is the electronic feedback/computer improvisation project of mark sadgrove (mhfs, hometown fielding, plains) and paul winstanley (sci hi, audible 3, dial, plains) who first rocked the reactivated auckland scene during the festival in 2004, their first gig. sadgrove… Read More »Infinitesimal

Thee Ideal Gus

Discography picks in bold circumsession cassette [root don lonie for cash rdl008] live / evil cassette [w/ the pumice root don lonie for cash rdl049] 1977 ep cd-r [root don lonie for cash rdl082] ‘bmstrmstrmbngsplt’/’bullseye’ lathe-cut 7″ [1997 a stabbies… Read More »Thee Ideal Gus

The Idles

john fleury, ross mckenzie, james taylor, barry blackler and robin murphy. Discography picks in bold agroculture ep [1984

Indicator Dogs

auckland hard-rock band comprised of dan young (guitar), val hunting (bass), aaron o’rielly and wolf – who released their debut in 2003, after it sat unreleased for quite some time (initial recordings were made back in late 2001) – new… Read More »Indicator Dogs

Idols of Eve

4-piece post-punk outfit from christchurch who have been active since the early 00s, based around diana mckay’s vocals and rythm guitar, with jason tamihana-bryce shimmering lead guitar having a big impact on their angular sound. though adrienne ross has been… Read More »Idols of Eve

Ill Received

christchurch-based (formed, originally as puppetmunk in the mecca that is hanmer springs!) punk outfit who have played locally with the likes of molly says go and the long-standing rsi, comprised of bentos (vocals), tj (drums), ruben (bass / vocals), toby… Read More »Ill Received


Excellent young Christchurch Noise-Pop / Post-Punk group featuring a trio of musicians that are becoming regular sites around local venues. Steven Marr (Guitar/lead vocals, also of Psych Tigers and Miniatures), Matthew Gunn (Bass/backing vocals, Psych Tigers), and Jamie Larson (Drums).… Read More »Ipswich