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The International Telepaths


The two-bit Dunedin two-piece of Lucy Lurex (aka Dianne Smith) and Duane Zarakov (aka Pat Faigan), lo-fi garage-rockers extraordinaire, formed in July 2002. With Lucy’s impressive hollering, heavily influenced by idol Marc Bolan (and lets not forget her Bryan Adams fandom), the International Telepaths are as raunch as it gets.

Add in to the mix Duane’s dexterous and off-kilter drumming and you’ve got a whole lot of cool in just a 2-piece.

2003 saw the pair play a number of gigs in their home-town of Dunedin, and eventually released their self-titled debut on Lucy’s own Lurex Rekkids label. The album was eventually reissued as a cassette on Independent Women Records in 2018.

Particular highlight: the International Telepaths, a guitarist and drummer who were playing completely different songs. I think it was their way of saying “Fuck you!”

radiation by Fiona Rae, covering the ‘National Anthem’ event (Public Address)

Though The International Telepaths intended for their May 14th 2005 show to be a release event for their 2nd album ‘Sealed for your protection‘, Smith announced the break-up of the duo on May 15th 2005 – announcing new project AWESOME.



  • The International Telepaths (2003, Lurex Rekkids, LR4)


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