Garbage and the Flowers

wellington outfit that featured torben tilly, paul ling, yuri frusin and helen johnstone (also both of dress). since disbanding in the early 1990s, all the members have relocated to australia, tilly forming minit with jasmine guffond and flabergé with the since-relocated fruisin and johnstone.
picks in bold

  • ‘prince of thieves’/’your william baby’ 7″ lathe-cut single [world resources] rn
  • ‘capitol’/’carousel’ 7″ single [world resources]
  • eyesrindasifbeggars [new sound now12]


jeremy eades’ garageland (along with andrew gladstone, mark and debbie silvey – who was later replaced by andrew claridge, who eventually made way for dave goodison) were originally billed as new zealand’s answer to pavement, they went on to find some level of success on american shores as the 90s turned into the 2000s, releasing their sophmoric album ‘do what you want’ to an enthusiastic u.s. critical audience, but little in the way of actual sales.
their debut ‘last exit garageland’ was a more manic, fun-filled album, somewhere between key influences the pixies, pavement and the 3ds and enjoyed local success with a handful of singles – ‘come back’, ‘fingerpops’ and the chripy ‘bee lines to heaven’. ‘do what you want’ was a purposeful attempt to intellectualise their sound – and it seemed to work as lead singer and primary song-writer jeremy eade was soon lavished with critical praise for his mature, reflective repproach. their follow-up ‘scorpio rising’ – which has also been released by us independent food chain records didn’t quite make the same ripples though, and they’ve since been a little quiet.
picks in bold

  • comeback special cd ep [1995 flying nun FN335 / FNUS9335]
  • ‘comeback’/’pop cigar’ 7″ single [1995 flying nun FN335]
  • last exit garageland [1996 flying nun FN350]
  • ‘fingerpops’/’something’s got a hold’/’the floribundaimpetigo experience’/’cherry cola vodka’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN358]
  • ‘fingerpops’/’something’s got a hold’ 7″ single [1996 flying nun FN358]
  • ‘beelines to heaven’/’bus stops’/’cut it out’/’us trips’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN367]
  • ‘beelines to heaven’/’bus stops’ 7″ single [1996 flying nun FN367]
  • ‘i’m looking for what i can’t get’/’shouldn’t matter but it does’/’one shot’/’spin’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN388]
  • ‘pop cigar’/’fay ray’/’what will you do?’/’struck’ cd single [1996 flying nun FN392]
  • ‘pop cigar’/’what will you do?’ 7″ single [1996 flying nun FN392]
  • feel alright cd ep [1999 flying nun FN405]
  • the not empty cd ep [1999 flying nun FN422]
  • do what you want [2000 flying nun FN423]
  • scorpio righting [2001 flying nun FN452]
  • gone cd single [2001 flying nun FN453]

awards etc
rianz awards 1997

  • most promising group of the year garagelandrn

Hammond Gamble

hard-working blues muso, heavily chronicled in the (brilliant) ‘stranded in paradise’ book on kiwi music. continually toured nz, forming a great number of bands over 20 years, and releasing a handful of albums.
picks in bold

  • hammond gamble [1980 wea z22004]
  • every whisper shouts [1983 c.s.m. CSM001]
  • plugged in and blue [1995 scoop de loop SCD025]

Alastair Galbraith

an accomplished violinist and a naturally talented song-writer (who cut his teeth in his mid teens with the brilliant but under-recorded the rip), galbraith has quietly gone about producing a number of excellent solo albums through a long, consistant career, and has often featured guests by the likes of shayne carter and david mitchell.
in 1986 a now quickly expanding


recorded live to air on radio massey in june 1998, this was only just captured on tape by the astute bongo bunny. tapes, ocarina, guitar and bass played by noctuary (who has a solo 8″ on headshy) and pht

secret safari

picks in bold