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Graeme Gash


Former singer song-writer (and artist) with popular late 70s Auckland folk-pop group Waves, Graeme Gash made his solo debut with After the Carnival in 1981, which saw some praise in John Dix’s excellent history of New Zealand Rock and Pop ‘Stranded in Paradise’.

Waves were victims of their own success. After a brilliant, popular breakthrough LP – the emerging independent label they were on (Direction Records) promptly folded, with the group signing to major label WEA. At WEA they found themselves subject to rash management decisions, with their 2nd LP shelved – the group soon folded themselves.

After the Carnival‘ was me walking away from some less than happy memories and looking for an alternative musical path. I hopped on a plane to Sydney and hunted down Directions’ Kerry Thomas, put some songs in front of him and asked him if he’d fund it. There was some mutual respect going on; he said yes, and founded Siren Records. Got me to design the logo.

Moments Like these: Graeme Gash (NZ Musician)

This ended up as Gash’s only solo album; though he did turn up playing keyboards on a maxi-single release by kiwi electronic group Snap in 1984, and eventually an expanded reissue of the Waves LP (which included their ‘lost’ recordings) was released in 2013 on Ode Records.




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