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Ride On Super Sound


Ride On Super Sound is fundamentally a record store, stocking a wide variety of new and used vinyl along with comics, zines and merchandise as well as being the retail touch point for Johnny Electric Lathe Cuts, offering musicians the opportunity to cut, package and release their own records in a single location.

Originally established in 2018 next to venerable indie venue Darkroom, it moved to a tiny shack at the top of three flights of outdoor stairs atop beloved Christchurch drinking spot Smash Palace, and is currently situated inside Boxed Quarter on St Asaph st. It will undoubtedly combust within the year, so prospective customers are encouraged to partake of its glorious cultural bounty before it goes gently into that good night, as these special little places so often do.

Ride On Super Sound

John ‘Johnny Electric’ Harris originally paid for 3 months rent at the former Galaxy Records site with the intent of setting up his fledgling record lathe business, and after suggestions from friends Nick White (to create a new record store) and Nick Robinson (to include comics and zines) the new store quickly grew.

(The store) opened with a party on November 3rd, 2018. Jim Nothing, Bad Evil, Waltham Home Organ Society, Leftover Craig, Fem Screem, Dogfish and Nervous Jerk. I met my wide the next day (fun fact).

Nick Robinson

Each volunteer brought their own ideas and specialties to the store – Dan Richardson named the store (after a song by a Japanese speedcore band), wrote the kaupapa and brought his own punk and hardcore knowledge, John Harris brought his electrical and DIY skills and Brian Jonestown Massacre, Swam Dogg and Guy Clark records, Nick White picked all the Ska and Dad Rap, Ben Dodd wrote the stores inventory software, and Spencer Hall and Lance Downing’s 2nd hand vinyl was a big part of their initial stock.

We stock on consignment from local bands/labels/cartoonists/zinesters and use our own personal money for imports. We also have buddies selling used stuff – it’s definitely curated. But we have consignment stock from pretty much every indie label in the country. Lots of garage rock from Andrew Tolley.

Nick White

Though volunteers have come and gone over the years, the store continues to grow and build upon the community that’s sprung up around it.

We encourage you to visit, and strongly urge you to create your own records, zines, comics and posters, so that we can make them available for public consumption.

Ride On Super Sound


Current Location: Shop A105 The Boxed Quarter, 265-275 St Asaph Street, Central Christchurch

Store A105 in the Boxed Quarter

Upstairs from Smash Palace

Part of The Archive, next to Darkroom Bar

Opening Hours:

  • Wednesday – Friday: 12pm – 6pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 4pm


  • [November 2018] Replaced the outgoing Galaxy Records as The Archives record store, operating alongside Darkroom Bar (336 St Asaph Street)
  • [January 2020] Moved to a more permanent residence upstairs from Smash Palace (172 High Street)
  • [June 2024] Moved to the Boxed Quarter (265-275 St Asaph Street)

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