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Kool Aid

Psych-shoegaze group formed (originally as Brian Tamaki and the Kool Aid Kids) as a solo project album by Christchurch’s Jamie Stratton, before expanded to a full group for the groups subsequent releases.

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Popular 1980’s hard rock group formed in Te Puke. Guitarist Paul Martin would later become a popular radio host on The Rock radio station before joining popular metal group Devilskin.

King Kapisi

the current king of polynesian hip-hop – bill urale is a self-styled example of how with a bit of ambition and some good friends, anyone can make it big. with the help of his sister he created an award-winning debut… Read More »King Kapisi


pop-rock from phonoss‘s michael brennan, warren lawson, daniel gannaway and stan leboy. self-released their own debut after appearing on a powertool records kaleidoscope world live recording compilation. Discography picks in bold the kidameln lo-fi album [2004 self-released K001]


Discography picks in bold prince krauss cd-r [root don lonie for cash rdl078]

Ben King

singer-songwriter and part of the goldenhorse team who put out his debut self-titled release on siren a year following the goldenhorse debut. Discography picks in bold ben king [2002 siren]


this release an intense and somewhat painful eleven track exploration into the world of dance music terrorism and industrial sound manufacture. punishing excessive amounts of machine gun static gain overloads twisted sound manipulations and frequencies sub-sonics and sample experimentation are… Read More »KSK

John Kelcher

Biography Former bass-player for Sneaky Feelings, released an album under his own name in the early 90’s. Discography Personal Disorganiser [1991, Failsafe Records, SAFE013] Links  

David Kilgour

as a strong song-writer behind the seminal flying nun 3-piece the clean, david kilgour developed his own style of country tinged psychedilic rock-guitar playing, earnest vocals and a distinct kiwi sound that he made all his own. kilgour (and his… Read More »David Kilgour

Chris Knox

Biography I’ve had a hard time starting this profile. A man who’s done so much for New Zealand (underground) music that it wouldn’t really be the same without him – Knox was responsible for so many changes in the way… Read More »Chris Knox

The Kiwi Animal

brent hayward and julie cooper. Discography picks in bold wartime ep [1983 brent and julie BJ001] rn music media [1984 massage] mercy [1985 massage TKALP003] massage tunes [1986? massage TKA PRA2067]


k-group is paul toohey, previously of noted nz geological drone ensemble surface of the earth, who also has a solo album under this name on corpus hermeticum– bruce russell toohey is also part of the new zealand guitar orchestra, a… Read More »K-Group


samuel icke, daniel o’neill, benjamin crawford – a new plymouth skate-punk band, who became quite popular after settling in auckland. big touring group with tour slots on the warped and big day out events. the group released their 3rd lp… Read More »Kitsch