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Kaosphere Orchestra

13-piece experimental / free performing outfit with a past history of performing independent film accompliments. their performance is built upon timed cues and the implementation of various instruments, aiming to score each piece as a reaction to the visual material.… Read More »Kaosphere Orchestra

King Biscuit

mark kington, stephen judd, stan jagger, paul oakley and paul tregilgas. Discography picks in bold sun hits the moon [1995 hark HKC21]

King Loser

Biography King Loser is the kind of band I’ve always wanted to form. More of a loose collection of friends (with an almost comical approach to drum-throne rotation), yet somehow managing to get it together enough to release 3 brilliant… Read More »King Loser

Campbell Kneale

wellington experimental musician, proprietor of the celebrate psi phenomenon label, and the force behind birchville cat motel. kneale usually reserves his own name for collaborations with solo musicians, including one release (the silver chair cd-r) that he recorded with his… Read More »Campbell Kneale

Andrew Keoghan

Auckland-based songwriter (and the brother of Television host Phil Keoghan) who has come to prominence with the release of his debut album Arctic Tales Divide, which was nominated for the prestigious Taite Music Prize in April 2012. Keoghan has toured… Read More »Andrew Keoghan

The Knobz

formerly known (very very popular round dunedin in the late 70s…before the enemy) as rockylox, the knobz we’re an old style pub band who hit the top of the charts with the dreadful ‘culture’ single that satarized then prime minister… Read More »The Knobz