8 Foot Sativa

Hugely popular West Auckland metal act that managed to come very close to topping the new zealand album charts with their 2nd album Season For Assault, and have continued to rise in profile since their debut Hate Made Me, securing a premier spot at 2002’s annual Big Day Out event, and upstaging many touring metal acts (such as Pantera and Disturbed) with their own popularity. The band is comprised of Sam (Drums), Brent (Bass), Justin (Vocals) and Gary (Guitar) and have recently signed with Black Mark Records for international distribution.

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8 Living Legs

Short lived flying nun band who contributed a brilliant track to the last rhumba compilation (a live single-night recording on flying nun), and split an ep with flak in 1984. In 2005 the failsafe label released ‘false sense of security’ and ‘five yards ahead’ (a live recording) – two new albums compiling lost material from the eight living legs back catelogue (as part of their ‘retrogenic’ series).

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  • emigration 12″ split ep [1984 w/ flak flying nunFLEG001]
  • false sense of security [2005 failsafe065CD]
  • five yards ahead


earwig is an auckland based recording studio which offers competitive rates (currently around $50-60 per hour), for a genuine 24-track environment. the earwig label was established as a sideline to release material by several of earwig’s many bands – with a current roster including alpha plan and figure 60, plus a variety of low-profile one-off releases.

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  • earwig website[official website]
  • 8dec email [contact email]
  • +64 (09) 480 2219 [contact phone]
  • +64 (09) 480 2234 [contact fax]
  • earwig
  • p.o. box 34705
  • birkenhead
  • auckland
  • new zealand [postal address]

The Enright House

[flickr-photo:id=1081385107,size=t] [flickr-photo:id=494490829,size=t] The Enright House is the not quite pop, not quite post rock, brain-child of German born Mark Roberts.
The live band consists of Roberts along with Thomas Lambert on guitar (also of A Flight to Blackout), Simon Gemmill on Drums and Evan Schaare on synths.
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  • Broken Hands EP [2006 A Low Hum HUM021]
  • A Low Hum Singles Club Issue 1 [2007 A Low Hum]
  • A Maze And Amazement LP [2007 A Low Hum HUM031] rn

Music Videos

The Enemy


Young Dunedin guitarist Alec Bathgate and drummer Mike Dooley lined up Invercargill-born record store employee Chris Knox as a bassist in mid 1977, unaware he couldn’t actually play.¬†Eventually the group would secure a gig at the Old Beneficiaries Hall, so Mick Dawson was brought in – allowing Knox to assume his rightful vestige as the new groups vocalist.

Knox was a long-haired, bearded counter-culture type – but more in the hippy frame than the burgeoning punk style of the time. The group would encourage crowd involvement and invite their mates around for regular practices, hashing out a vast selection of original songs in public.

In a breezy 18 month life-span the group would play a ridiculous amount of shows, firmly establish themselves as New Zealand’s very best original punk group, inspire the formation of groups such as The Clean, The Chills and Bored Games – and mutate into something completely different before they even unleashed a studio recording on the world (though a handful of studio cuts have made it on to compilations over the years).

The Enemy’s legend was based on Knox’s confrontational¬†stage antics (stealing Iggy Pop’s tricks like rolling in broken glass, cutting himself etc), unconventional appearance and dress and free-flowing lyrics – though the band were no slouches either!

It the tail end of the seventies The Enemy played at our school dance. Chris Knox was the evilest person I’d seen. From the start I was dreading the moment he might come off the stage, and, like, tap me on the shoulder or something.

I thought I was punk but inside I was cowering. Thank god they only lasted two songs before school principal Dave Rathbone ran onto the stage and kicked them off.

– Shayne Carter [Taken from Mysterex: Kiwi Punk and Beyond #3]

The Enemy were HUGELY influential – venturing North to Christchurch just a couple months after forming, and eventually rolling on to Auckland to dominate their local punk scenes, everything would eventually come to a close when Mick Dawson decided to head home to Dunedin.

The trio of Bathgate, Dooley and Knox would go through a couple line-up changes, and head in a New Wave direction, reconvening as Toy Love.

Note: AudioCulture has an EXCELLENT history of the group on their artist profile.


  • Chris Knox (Vocals, 1977 – 1978)
  • Alec Bathgate (Guitar, 1977 – 1978)
  • Mike Dooley (Drums, 1977 – 1978)
  • Mick Dawson (Bass, 1977 – 1978)
  • Phil Judd (Guitar, 1978)


  • The Enemy At The Beneficiaries (2001 Archival Live Recording, Restrainer Records)



En Can M.A.


A very strange band but also strangely good from 1982-4.

These guys had some connection with the Auckland group The Features. Guitarist/singer Ljinon sharing a similar shard like guitar style and vocal approach to The Features.

The band had some sort of abstract art thing going and could either be really good or bloody awful depending on the night. They feature Vince Pinker on bass guitar, who later went on to be part of the resurrected Gordons (sans Alistair Parker), and a few drummers.

‘Eat Shit’ was actually quite cool to watch live and i remember watching Ljinon playing the guitar stabs in this song and slicing his fingers on the guitar strings, bleeding all over his guitars white scratch plate.

At the end of the song he asked the bemused audience if anyone had a band aid. no one did.

– Rob Mayes

Recorded a song that was including on Mayes’ Accident Compilation for his Failsafe Records label, and a 2nd track on Pagan’s Spins and Needles compilation.

Ljinon would eventually go on to form 3Guesses.

The group resurfaced in 2014 playing a New Zealand Music Month event at a Wairarapa Library!


  • Ljinon Manson (Guitar/Vocals, 1982 – 1985)
  • Vince Pinker (Bass, 1982 – 1983)
  • Bevan Sweeney (Drums, 1982)
  • Chris Orange (Drums, 1982)
  • Lis Cotter (Drums, 1982 – 1983)
  • Floyd Rudolph (Drums/Backing Vocals, 1985)
  • Trent Revell (Bass, 1985)
  • Eric Android (Drums, 1986?)
  • Shayne O’Neill (Guitar, 1986?)




David Eggleton

versifier is the umbrella title of performance poet david eggleton’s new album of words and music. musical contributions are from jay clarkson, martin phillipps, joost langeveld, jordan reyne, michael morley, trevor coleman, david downes, matthew robertson and others. tracks range from new zealand soundscapes to country-tinged evangelical numbers to gothic anthems and electronicarn- yellow-eye

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