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En Can M.A.

Biography A very strange band but also strangely good from 1982-4. These guys had some connection with the Auckland group The Features. Guitarist/singer Ljinon sharing a similar shard like guitar style and vocal approach to The Features. The band had… Read More »En Can M.A.

Eye TV

kinda bland ‘alterna-rock’ band, featuring sean sturm, mike scott, mark pollard and luke casey – they were originally known as the nixons (before changing their name to avoid confusion with the lacklustre american band) but renamed themselves after iggy pop… Read More »Eye TV

Exercise Machine

christchurch-based off-shoot of the steffan van soest hit-machine, without steffan. Discography picks in bold the excercise machine ep [self-released]

Ed Muzik

Ed Muzik is James Dann; one of the strangest and most comical music acts to have emerged from Christchurch’s live electronic revival circa 2006. Over minimal keyboard beats (and even the occasional Enya sample) Ed Muzik sing-talks in the most… Read More »Ed Muzik

The Exponents

jordan luck’s insistent pub band – born out of the south island port town of timaru and forged through beer and indulgence, there was never ever an exponents song that couldn’t be sung in a drunken haze with a million… Read More »The Exponents

Empty Mirror

duo prod and poke at guitars, bells, reed organ, violin, and household stuff; loop and sample various sounds; add efx via baby monitor and dictaphone. 13 mostly short-ish pieces of inspired sound exploration.rn- slippy town features ben spiers and karl… Read More »Empty Mirror


one of the early wildside outfits, a hard-rock 3-piece from wellington comrpsied of king ad b, malcolm mezweski and juan v. Discography picks in bold rock your radio 12″ ep [1991 wildside X14960] intergalactic cd single [1993 wildside] cerebral implosion… Read More »Emulsifier


emu is darcy gladwin, an auckland-based electronic artist with a focus on live performing, and combining a variety of approaches.rn the vibes of dub/ hiphop / electro / rock / dNb to get what he wants – music that grooves… Read More »Emu

The Economic Wizards

two eps on the home-brew eelman label. Discography picks in bold starve the lizards ep [1984 eelman EELMAN003] second coming ep [1986 eelman EELMAN009]


Biography Formed in 2004, Eskimo marks Dave Mulcahy‘s return to the Christchurch music scene, after playing in Superette and solo up north. Playing guitar and singing, Mulcahy is flanked by Rob Mayes (Dolphin, the Failsafe label etc) on bass and… Read More »Eskimo

The Enemy

Biography Young Dunedin guitarist Alec Bathgate and drummer Mike Dooley lined up Invercargill-born record store employee Chris Knox as a bassist in mid 1977, unaware he couldn’t actually play. Eventually the group would secure a gig at the Old Beneficiaries Hall,… Read More »The Enemy

Ent Lang

by this stage the entlang kids had dropped the last of the quaaludes in the pot: the result: songs so achingly slow they make low look like the power puff girls. what


dunedin noise legend peter stapleton’s latest performing outfit, featuring stapleton (drums, tapes), peter porteus (guitar) and ryan cockburn (turntables and guitar) with guest appearances from nathan thompson (sandoz lab techs). the group have been performing fairly regularly in dunedin, and… Read More »Eye