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Elemeno P

horrid 4-piece auckland pop-punk in the blink-182 mall-punk tradition. had a big splash with their 1st few singles. formed around dave gibson (vocals), justyn pilbrow (gat – also of the relaxomatic project), lani perkis (bass – also of all-girl group… Read More »Elemeno P


marcel bears project exploring the sonic world embodied in his (amplified) handmade shimsaws (intricate constructions of steel and wire that are bowed and plucked)rn- taken from the pseudoarcana catalog some of bears work as emperical was included on


earwig is an auckland based recording studio which offers competitive rates (currently around $50-60 per hour), for a genuine 24-track environment. the earwig label was established as a sideline to release material by several of earwig’s many bands – with… Read More »Earwig

Emerald Green

emerald green is mel smith, the formerly christchurch, now auckland-based vocalist and producer who sprung up in a solo capacity after leaving the very first line-up of the shocking pinks in late 2003. mels’ approach is closer to a new-wave… Read More »Emerald Green

Evasive Action

the follow on group from desperate measures (1984-5). the line up change featured the drummer of unauthorised jeff paris, and vocalist harry hepworth on guitar, and vocals for the accident compilation track ‘agony’ inspired by a true christchurch case where… Read More »Evasive Action


chris and shayne mason, ljinon mihell and brett frazer. put out an ep on new future (with the lovely title of ‘radio w.a.n.k.’) that seems to pop up everywhere. Discography picks in bold radio w.a.n.k. [new future NOUVEAU001]


forming in 1996 but taking (an appropriate) 8 years to get their debut out, eight none the less have been courting major-label interest for a couple of years, since the release of the shift ep back in 2003 (which included… Read More »Eight