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Emerald Green

emerald green is mel smith, the formerly christchurch, now auckland-based vocalist and producer who sprung up in a solo capacity after leaving the very first line-up of the shocking pinks in late 2003. mels’ approach is closer to a new-wave electro-pop sound, with home-made beats built upon synths and computer gadgetry that alludes to the sound of early new order or (perhaps more accurately) ladytron.
though smith uses a simple, no-frills approach to recording her songs (so far, they’ve all been home recordings) the songs have a poppy gloss, highlighted by strong, affected vocals – that saw her excellent debut single ‘why wait then’ rise to the top of the new zealand alternative radio charts.


picks in bold

  • why wait then cd single [2004 self-released]
  • in limbo cd single [2004 self-released]

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