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Stepford 5


One of the earlier Christchurch acid-rock groups of Celia Patel (aka Celia Pavlova / Mancini) along with twins Sharon and Joanne Billesdon and Reta La Quesne.

Forming after Celia and Rita’s former group The Axel Grinders, Stepford 5 only released two (now rather rare) European-issued 7″ singles – one a split with Japanese act Teengenerate. Their members would later resurface in Snort, and King Loser.

Stepford 5 were rougher, rawer and dirtier than their related groups, with Patel’s vocals in particular being much more harsh than her Nancy Sinatra style chanteuse approach in The Axel Grinders and King Loser.

The group came to an end with the impending birth of Reta le Quesne’s first child, however Le Quesne and Joanne Billesdon would soon form Snort, eventually recruiting Sharon Billesdon to the new group.



  • Cave of Love 7″ EP (1991, Demolition Records, DEMO004)
  • Snake Lady Split 7″ w/ Teengenerate (1993, Demolition Derby, DD006)


5 thoughts on “Stepford 5”

  1. was after the axel grinders, not before

    also originally had another member, camille lahood, guitar – left or was kicked out (i dunno) before they recorded that e.p.

    1. lol Left thank you not kicked out. We were all friends I had a job at Echo records and didnt wish to persue a career in music 🙂

  2. steps were in between axels, Axels was formed first with Celia then we formed Steps then Reta joined Axels after
    she left stepford 5 cheers

    1. pretty sure it was (immediately) after the axel grinders broke up…reta joined the axel grinders in 1989, got together w/ celia et al straight after the dissolution of that band (early 91)

      might be wrong, there mighta been an overlap but don’t reckon so

  3. camille (Lahood, webber, wilson)

    Also I would like to say I cowrote Cave of Love with Reta at the Into the void practice room 1991 🙂

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