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Celia Mancini‘s post King Loser band, consisting of herself on vocals and guitar and various other contributors such as Clayton Noone, Cameron Bain (formerly of Constant Pain) and many others, as the band had trouble keeping line-ups.

More heavy metal (in the Deep Purple or Black Sabbath sense) than King Loser, the band disintegrated with Mancini’s decline (she has struggled with drug and alcohol issues).

According to Noone though, Mancini was in positive spirits in late 2001 – having a great night reuniting with Chris Heazlewood for an impromptu King Loser performance.

Noone’s label Root Don Lonie For Cash released the Mother Trucker debut, which he has described as being bloody good.


  • Celia Patel (Vocals / Guitar)
  • Clayton Noone (Bass)
  • Cameron Bain (Guitar)



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