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Lyndon and the Liars


Short-lived Christchurch group fronted by Ross Humphries after the dissolution of the legendary Pin Group and featuring a young Lyndon Frasier prior to his stint in Ballon D’Essai, plus the future Bats duo of Kaye Woodward and Malcolm Grant.

No recordings, we played at the Gladstone and at the Empire in Dunedin. Maybe was around summer 1981/82?? I think before I joined Chris Owens was on bass and they were called On All Fours.

Kaye Woodward

This was Woodward’s first group – she had picked up the guitar flatting with Bob Scott on Springfield Road and he convinced her to join the fledgling group:

We practiced somewhere behind The Press building in the square and had to climb over a high pointy gate every time. Then moved to another practice room in the fire station in Sydenham, below where Wayne Manor had been. 

Kaye Woodward

Eventually Woodward and Grant would join Bob Scott and Paul Kean (who had spent a couple months jamming as Thanks to Llamas) to form a new group – initially known as The Percy Taiwan Band. On New Years Eve 1982 the four piece would play their first ever gig as The Bats.



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  1. 1981? they must’ve been going later than that ’cause i think i saw em (a couple of times?) & i didn’t live in chch until 1982. unless my memory is playing tricks on me, i may be conflating them with a later band called zvi yabitz schlepping & yutzing (at least 1 member in common)

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