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The World


Jangly Christchurch pop from the early 1980’s. The group recorded 8 songs at Nightshift Studios with the intent of it being released on Flying Nun Records, however the recordings went unreleased until 1984 when Rob Scott‘s DIY cassette label Every Secret Thing put out a release with 7 of the songs, and then in 2013 it was picked up and released as a 6-song self-titled retrospective LP by German label Unwucht.

The song ‘Mystery’ (which was included on Failsafe Records excellent ‘Accident‘ compilation) shows the group had bags of potential:

The group was around between 1982 and 1983 and featured 3 members of The Builders (Malcolm Grant – who found fame with The Bats, Alan Meek and Charles Haywood), along with Scorched Earth Policy‘s Andrea Cox and Bridget Mulcahy (sister of David Mulcahy).

Allen Meek passed away in 2022




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