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Dean Roberts

As punk-edged rock outfit Thela started spinning in different directions in the mid 90s, Dean Roberts started producing his own take on improvisational guitar recordings with solo recording alias White Winged Moth before eventually settling on his own name, after fleshing out a more electronically-dependent sound.

With the rise of the Mille Plateaux label in the late 90s, Roberts’ profile grew in underground circles, and along with ex-Thela bandmate Rosy Parlane, he started developing an international reputation as a leader in the new generation of electro-acoustic composers. Roberts has since settled in Vienna, and has released several albums, often collaborating with the likes of Valerio Tricoli, Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Brandlmayr. In 2004 Roberts formed a trio with Dafeldecker and Martin Brandlmayr, performing as the Autistic Daughters.


  • cassavetes lathe-cut [w/ guy treadgold formacentric]
  • moth park [1998 formacentric]
  • all cracked medais [1999 mille plateaux]
  • the grand cinema [2000 mille plateaux]
  • aluminium [2001 erstwhile]
  • be mine tonight [2003 w/ werner dafeldecker kranky krank063]


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