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David Mulcahy

As a member of Jean-Paul Sartre Experience, Mulcahy was only part of a 3-pronged song-writing troupe, responsible for a terrific body of songs over their 10 year life span. In the mid 90s, after the JPSE boys had gone their separate ways, Mulcahy changed focus to Superette – creating an almost perfect, dark masterpiece with their sole LP ‘Tiger’.

Unfortunately Superette were short-live and Mulcahy retreated to work on his own solo material. ‘Oddy Knocky’ was an uneven attempt to compile some of the huge body of songs he had written without releasing, the occasional pop gem hidden in generally pretty dire by-the-number rockers.

In 2004 Mulcahy resurfaced In Christchurch (where he had moved several years earlier) with new band Eskimo, and started recording songs with Eskimo bassist (and Failsafe label-head) Rob Mayes and drummer (ex-YFC) Michael Daly.



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