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Thought Creature

Forming in 2004 the Wellington-based trio of Will Rattray (Guitar and Vocals), Danny Brady (Bass, Synth) and Peter Copeland (Electronic Drums) started out as an slack-vocaled Surf-Rock group, however their sound has changed quite a lot over the years.

After releasing their popular ‘Your Telepathy’ EP back in 2005, and album ‘Teleport Palace’ in 2008, the group spent some time in Berlin, lost long-time drummer Copeland, and turned more and more electronic. The group have recorded with Bevan Smith and Dale Cotton, and have been associated with A Low Hum, Powertool Records and Frase Austin’s Crystal Magic label.


  • Your Telepathy CD-r EP [2005 self-released]
  • Teleport Palace [2008 Involve INVOLVE18]
  • Total Recall EP [2012 Crystal Magic]
  • Ocean Dream [2012]


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