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Cease to Exist


Named after a song by notorious cult-leading serial killer (and Beach Boys collaborator) Charles Manson – and not to be confused with the Auckland death metal band that formed slightly earlier (1989-1990).

One of Duane Zarakov, Celia Mancini and Brother Love’s many psychedelic rock acts – this time a Christchurch-based group who were around during 1991 (after the demise of The Axel Grinders, but before Space Dust and King Loser).

Cease to Exist was the product of immediate post-Axel Grinders jammin’ & trippin’ activity with the Brother… We taped stuff at my house in Sydenham, released a “concept” tape called “Green Acres” under a name I’ve temporarily forgotten – it’ll come back to me – and then another one as Cease to Exist

Duane Zarakov

The group broke up when Mancini went travelling to the United States and Zarakov moved North to Auckland. Zarakov believes they may have only ever played a single gig.

Brother Love later re-recorded the Cease to Exist songs ‘Opium‘ for the ‘Every Garden Grows One‘ LP and ‘Rock n roll ruined my life‘ with his group Brother Love and the Southern Gentlemen for the album ‘Delicacy‘.

Celia Patel passed away in September 2017 and Haydn Jones passed away in 2018.




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