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fielding pop-rock outfit thats made a big splash in australia in 2003-4, touring with other mellow (and somewhat girly) pop-rock bands such as keane and snow patrol. formed by the three hume brothers – jon (vocals/guitar), peter (bass) and dann (drums) and for a time keyboardist peter cobbe, the band first came to prominence after winning the 2000 smokefree rock-quest. the band released a sucession of eps that established them in australia, eventually securing a slot at the u.s. south-by-southwest festival. in 2004 the band released their debut full-length, which seems to have shades of coldplay and snow patrol mixed into a generally slick and mellodramatic pop-mollass.


picks in bold

  • on the way cd ep [2000 self-released]
  • oil and water cd ep [2002 warner 5046636662]
  • my own way cd ep [2003 warner 2565609522]
  • it’s too late cd single [2004 warner]
  • dreaming [2004 warner 5046751482]

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