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Christchurch death-metal outfit, formed in 1996 that has supported such national acts as Hatred, Malevolence and others, plus international acts Impailed Nazerine and American death-rockers Brutal Truth.


i don’t know what to say about goldenhorse. as a fan of geoff maddock’s previous bizarre tour-de-force bressa creeting cake i was disappointed to see him retreat to the relatively ‘safe’ goldenhorse – a band that draws lavish attention, yet… Read More »Goldenhorse


stephen stedman, simon haggitt, earle goodfellow and greg cain. Discography picks in bold someone else’s dream [1992 live recording punch PUNCH001]

Glorias Peccadilloes

terribly titled outfit who put out an ep and an album on ode in the mid 80s. Discography picks in bold you never had it this fresh ep [1985 ode SODEP 216] sound device [1985? ode SODE325]

Grope Suit

christchurch-based 4-piece consisting of of petra hoggarth (vocals, bass), sarah james (guitar), sean bennetts (guitar) and toby ricketts (drums). a fairly accomplished and tight mix of snarling pop and hazy rock, after releasing an ep the group redubbed themselves head… Read More »Grope Suit

Glory Fckn Sun

Formed in 2003 as a conduit for intense ritualistic sonic exploration Glory Fckn Sun is the ecstatic psyche-noise trio of Antony Milton (guitar/electronics), Ben Spiers (guitar/violin/electronic) and improv percussionist Simon O’Rorke (gongs/percussion).rn’Vision Scorched’ collects together one studio track and two… Read More »Glory Fckn Sun

Ed Gains

fruit-ball lo-fi solo artist and the head-loon behind the demi whores, edward gains has been making his own bedroom recordings since the mid 1990s – initially in dunedin, though he didn’t really produce anything until being holed up in london.… Read More »Ed Gains


jeremy eades’ garageland (along with andrew gladstone, mark and debbie silvey – who was later replaced by andrew claridge, who eventually made way for dave goodison) were originally billed as new zealand’s answer to pavement, they went on to find… Read More »Garageland

Alastair Galbraith

an accomplished violinist and a naturally talented song-writer (who cut his teeth in his mid teens with the brilliant but under-recorded the rip), galbraith has quietly gone about producing a number of excellent solo albums through a long, consistant career,… Read More »Alastair Galbraith

Guava Groove

craig bracken, darrin kennedy, daniel salmon and troy shanks. Discography picks in bold who’s that girl ep [1987 onslaught CNT002]

Grand Prix

a low hum 2006 tour part one – shot by blink kind of a sphagetti-western flavoured band, with elements of indie, country, texicana (thanks to trumpet player viv treweek) and other elements thrown into a strange mix of guitar pop.… Read More »Grand Prix

David Gideon

as the iconoclastic front-man for christchurch rock outfit gideon, and in a solo capacity, david gideon has been a regular to the christchurch music scene as long as just about anyone in the garden city, but despite several high-profile support… Read More »David Gideon


paul mclaney’s solo material, put together after the demise of the avalanche trio, and in a widely encompassing electronic form. generally pretty good stuff, and featuring contributions from vast amounts of talented kiwis. in 2004 a new gramsci line-up was… Read More »Gramsci