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Glory Fckn Sun

Formed in 2003 as a conduit for intense ritualistic sonic exploration Glory Fckn Sun is the ecstatic psyche-noise trio of Antony Milton (guitar/electronics), Ben Spiers (guitar/violin/electronic) and improv percussionist Simon O’Rorke (gongs/percussion).rn’Vision Scorched’ collects together one studio track and two live pieces. These range through long form rumbling distorted deep space explorations (complete with supernova and the odd blackhole), intense yet ethereal harsh noise to close with a droning metaphysical raga-esque paean to the great cosmic inevitable of the collapse of the sun, And of light itself.rnGlory Fckn Sun have been described as having a sound that is like a cross between Flies Inside the Sun and Keiji Haino.rnNearly 2 years in the making and continuing in the PseudoArcana tradition of fantastical over-the-top packaging (…) ‘Vision Scorched’ is presented in a professionally bound 72 page picture book of sun related imagery with hand printed covers. This is a limited numbered edition CD of 200 copies. [Pseudoarcana]
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