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Invisible Dead

short-lived and bizarre christchurch industrial outfit from around 1992-1993, comprised of (at various times) robbie forrester (bass & vocals), simon mclaren (subliminals, loves ugly children – drums & vocals), david clark (ape management, dragastrip – guitar, bass, vocals), stefan jordan (clarinet), gavin shaw (tape loops), mike goodwin (vocals) and darius (vocals).

[from] december 1992 to june 1993 played 8 gigs in their six months together. their sound was based on robotic and repetitive beats, and their stage show included a two-headed guitarist, a clarinet player dressed only in tin-foil and glad wrap, and a singer in a chemical suit emblazoned with endless personal insultsrn- dave clark

the band recorded a couple of tape releases, and were included on the flat city and roadkill banquit, but never commercially released any other recordings, despite several songs recorded with dave whernham (4-track). their excellent posters (many of which can be found in the poster archive) were always highly graphic and usually repulsive.
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  • no major releasesrn

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