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Into The Void

a caustic, chaotic, sprawling mess of a band. been around since the late 80s, putting out a pretty grotty (and not particularly good) self-titled album in the early 90s, back when they had more of a straight metal focus. since then the into the void ‘crew’ (which at times can feature as little as three people or as many as 6, including a phono-graph manipulator, mark e. smith impersonating lead singer and a second guitarist to the standard bass/guitar/drums format of their key 3-piece) have developed an extremely harsh, noisy approach to groove-rock. focusing on loud, sometimes improvised rythms, heavily distorted guitar and incendially primal, machine gun drumming – they always seem to bemuse and invigorate a crowd to action.
a christchurch institution of the live scene, they can regularly be seen at the dux de lux or more cerebral venues such as the media club – but be warned – bring ear-plugs, especially when performing outside the dux. circa 2004 the band line-up is now jason grieg (guitar), mark whyte (drums), and dave imlay (bass), plus occassional performances from james grieg (guitar), paul sutherland (grammaphone) and ronnie van hout (vocals).


picks in bold

  • into the void [1993 flying nun FN228]
  • into the void 2 [2005 self-released]

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