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Richard Neave

Core member of Metonymic young guns CM Ensemble, Richard finally allows daylight to strike his own home-taped skronk. Primal, profoundly filthy, and delightfully unique guitarsplatter that will leave that distinctive odour of electrical smoke wherever you play it. People who had their chandeliers lit by Totals Sky Blue Void or Dead C’s Driver UFO should definitely fill out the attached form. Post-Morley!

Label description of ‘You’re not welcome cd-r’ (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)

Richard Neave was an uncompromising noise artist and extreme audience provoker.

He spent years beating up his guitar either solo or flanked by musicians such as Nick Hodgson/Harte, Lee Noyes, Peter Wright etc.

Taking great pride in pushing the annoying, provocative nature of his playing he drove audiences away where-ever he played. Needless to say he was a legendary figure in the Christchurch underground music scene and those of us who knew Richard were very sad at his passing in 2010.



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