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Celebrate Psi Phenomenon

campbell kneale’s (aka birchville cat motel)) fast growing cd-r label, a prominent force in the new strain of new zealand underground labels, along the same line as root don lonie for cash corpus hermeticum. based out of lower-hutt, campbell’s mostly cd-r releases have spread internationally, with outfits such as armpit and lugosi helping to establish this unusual label. celebrate psi phenomenon releases have no set agenda, though kneale has always been a ‘challanging’ musician, attempting to push the boundaries at any given opportunity.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • shutupalreadydamn!: a tribute to prince double cd-r []
  • supernaut: the black sabbath tribute cassette []

contact details
if available

  • celebrate psi phenomenon website [official website]
  • campbell kneale [label head / email contact]
  • campbell knealern
  • 4 whakataki grovern
  • waiwheturn
  • lower huttrn
  • new zealand [postal address]

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