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‘A.M.’ is my most eclectic project. The seeding ground for all the others actually, which have generally grown out of a.m. When I find a particular sound that I want to pursue. A.M. is mainly ‘drone’ and ‘noise’ stuff, but you will find songs, folk music, minimalist electronic improv and field recs on most A.M. Releases as well…
– Antony Milton; Taken from the now-defunct website


  • Antony Milton


  • The Man Of Tin Plays “Penis Envy” In Order To Draw Attention To The Issue Of Free Speech ‎(2002, PseudoArcana, PA037)
  • Small Rooms, Big Rooms ‎(2002, Root Don Lonie For Cash, #156) More Domestic… ‎(2002, PseudoArcana, PA011)
  • McLeod-Ganj ‎(2002, PseudoArcana, PA006)
  • Episteme  (2002, Apoplexy)
  • The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell ‎(w/ Keri John Ford and Others 2003, PseudoArcana, PA031)
  • Yet Marvellous Stasis ‎(2003, Haamumaa)
  • Strata ‎(2003, Humbug, Humbug029)
  • Small Engine Funk Tantra ‎(2004, Transient Recordings) Tasman ‎(2004, Foxglove, foxglove032)
  • Live At Cuba Street Carnival & Huttstock (w/ Birchville Cat Motel and DEL 2005, TWR Tapes)
  • Tour Disk 2006 ‎(2006, PseudoArcana, PA088)
  • Bjerga/Iversen / Swagger Jack Vs. A.M. ‎Lathe 7″ (w/ Bjerga / Iversen / Swagger Jack 2007, Root Don Lonie For Cash, #230)
  • Rag Red Reverie ‎(2008, PseudoArcana, PACD107)
  • Black Night Burning (2012)
  • Strata / Yet Marvelous Stasis ‎(Pseudoarcana, PA073/074)




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