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dunedin-based 3-piece outfit comprised of campbell kneale (guitars, synth, drums, vocal), andrew savage (guitar, percussion) and leon schultz (guitar, effects, drums), who released a series of home-brew and relatively melodic noise/drone/guitar pice albums on kneales own celebrate psi phenomenon label.rn

everybody loves lugosi. their radiant, sunset-sounds sit way down the ‘beautiful’ end of the nz free-thing. their finely tuned (yes tuned!) feedback, organ drone, and naked guitar twang set all the pretty girls hearts a-thumpin’ down at the local baptist church where they rehearsed and recorded. due to misfortune, their long-awaited cd is still long-awaited and all those who have requested more from this superb band will have to be content with a reissue of this fabulous, long out-of-print, c/psi/p cassettern

monarch cd-r reissue


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