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Richard Francis

known primarily for his work as eso steel, or as part of small blue torch, richard francis is an experimental underground musician of rising repute. with a knack for digitally altered drones, and found sound (along the line of electrical hum and crackle, ambient spaces etc) manipulation, it was francis own cmr label [a successor to the acclaimed 20 city] that saw the release of his first piece under his given name.


picks in bold

  • three tracks 3″ cd-r [2002 cmr / stateart]
  • akiyama/francis/kneale/neville/watkins cd-r [2003 w/ akiyama/kneale/neville/watkins absurd]
  • 7″ [2003 w/ tetuzi akiyama cmr CMR4]
  • francis/kneale/milton [2004 w/ campbell kneale, anthony milton celebrate psi phenomenon]
  • lathe-cut 8″ [2005 w/ stefan neville, howard stelzer, clinton watkins cmr CMR9]

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