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Hugely prolific duo CJA (aka Clayton Noone) and Sugar Jon, who have released a never-ending stack of albums for the likes of Root Don Lonie For Cash, PseduoArcana, Own Recordings, Freedom From…


  • Clayton Noone (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals/Drums/Tapes, 1993? -)
  • Sugar Jon (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals/Drums/Clarinette, 1993? -)


  • Caveman Special 7″ Lathe (1993, Root Don Lone For Cash, root! 005)
  • (Alien Cover) 7″ Lathe (1994, Own Recordings, OR-7)
  • Mars Brew (1995, Own Recordings, OR3)
  • Ruby cassette (1998, Freedom From, FF050)
  • Hot Metal 7″ Lathe (1999, 20City)
  • Iron Jack CDr (2000, Freedom From, FF086)
  • The Praying Mantis Double CDr (2002, PseudoArcana, PA010)
  • Birth | Squat CDr (2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
  • Butta Daze (2003, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
  • Aplit Lathe LP (w/ F.L.O.W.E.R. 2004, Root Don Lone For Cash)
  • Don’t Worry Frank, There’s A Baby On The Way: Live 1993 – 2003 CDr (2005, Root Don Lonie For Cash)
  • Mano O Mano CDr (2005, Rhizone)
  • Unloved &/Or Used CDr (2006, Foxglove, foxglove122)
  • Reach Out 5xCDr (2007, Dreamtime Taped Sounds)
  • Untitled split CDr (w/ Kraus 2007, Root Don Lone For Cash, root! 222)
  • Tron (2008, Last Visible Dog)
  • Whiskey Dr CDr (2008, Root Don Lonie For Cash, 234)
  • Freeplay Dr CDr (2008, Root Don Lonie For Cash, 236)
  • Tron II CDr (2008, Trapdoor Tapes, TT040)
  • Untitled split Lathe 7″ (w/ Monks of Balhill 2010, Root Don Lone For Cash, root! 359)
  • Makes Poor Choices CDr (2011, Root Don Lonie For Cash, 383)
  • Lazy Belly Button Goofles split CDr (w/ Kutomo 2011, Root Don Lone For Cash, root! 385)
  • Leisure and Elderley LP (2016, Planam, ARMPLIN)


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Live Music Reviews and Photos

LIVE: Witchuals and Kutomo at High Street Project

Me and 8 other folks caught a lovely show at High Street Project last night. I turned up on time at 8pm to the usual message; wouldn’t be starting for a while yet so Rory from Witchuals, plus the Finnish guy Veli-Matti walked down to South City for some food and booze, talking about Earthquakes and Brisbane’s floods (as Veli-Matti has been living there).

Witchuals, originally uploaded by fraew.

Witchuals is the latest name for Rory and Shannon’s junk noise, vocal play with dictaphones and percussion performances. Really cool stuff, got some on video which i might upload later.

Veli-Matti then played a few songs as Kutomo using a loop station, guitar, nice lil casio keyboard and some wind instruments. Fairly down-beat but nice stuff, which he book-ended with awkward descriptions of their meaning.

Beverage of the night was Rochdale Ginger Cider, which at 8% hits more like a scrumpy but tastes pretty great.