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The Labcoats

wellington sextet with a long history in jazz and rock circles, ex-mutton bird david long, six volts steve roache and brotherly duo david and anthony donaldson, and the new wave of ricki gooch – trinity roots and toby laing of the black seeds.
a multi-faceted 6-piece driven by the shuffling, dynamic drumming of anthony donaldson, the labcoats are well accustomed to delving into any number of musical styles with heavy dub, reggae, electronic, jazz, pop, funk, soul and even avant garde influences creeping into their music palette. with only gooch and laing not actually a part of new zealand jazz heavy weights the six volts (who are known in rock circles as the backing band for the front lawn‘s excellent debut), their debut on braille promises to be a tight and dynamic debut.


picks in bold

  • acid and alkaline [2004 braille]

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