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Leonard Nimoy

the band that came to represent the krkrkrk label in the mid 90s, leonard nimoy were a high profile christchurch experimental, but essentially rock outfit comprised of label founder david khan, apoplexy founder and major krkrkrk contributor peter wright, tracey… Read More »Leonard Nimoy


Discography picks in bold live at the festival of the snake [w/ the strange girls root don lonie for cash rdl058]


the remnants of invercargill punk’s ‘mor@l fibre’ moved to wellington and renamed themselves loosehead. aaron lloyd, kieran monaghan, grant sutherland, phil scahill. Discography picks in bold first aid kit [1996 loosehead music lhlh003] pet shop gourmet [1999 loosehead music lhlh004]… Read More »Loosehead

Light Years

weirdo experimental lo fi alterno-punk tinged rock…great stuffrn- club bizarre Discography picks in bold perfect alienation [eye gauge]

Paul H. Locasta

one of the many aliases of paul guilford “..a new zealand visual artist and musician who lived in houston from the late eighties until 1997..” []. guilford has been involved with high-profile u.s.-independent trio the charalambides, and released quite a… Read More »Paul H. Locasta

The Legionnaires

emerging out of hello sailor in the early 80s, graeme braziers legionnaires went through a number of line-up changes, taking in dave mcartney, allan badger, lyn buchanan, andrew langsfor, harry lyon, gary vernerne and paul woolwright. Discography picks in bold… Read More »The Legionnaires

La Gloria

la gloria original surfaced as the debut lp of empirical – aka marcel bear. this was a well-liked drone-piece contructed around bear’s unusual shimsaw – an amplified aluminium saw that creates a streaming, shimmering drone when played with a bow.… Read More »La Gloria


mark brimblecombe, andy clannican, rudi garrow and larry leach. Discography picks in bold running free [1985


simon lear, peter o’donoghue, marc chesterman, gillian boyd and dave harker. Discography picks in bold will flush ep [1990 wellington] slabneckery [1994 wellington]

Legacy of Ears

Biography While a member of the Picnic Boys collective (and later as a member of Say Yes to Apes) Legacy of Ears was the recording alias of multi-instrumentalist Steve Watson, who put out a couple DIY cassette releases on the… Read More »Legacy of Ears

Log Store

wellington-based solo muso. Discography picks in bold every mother should know 7″ lathe-cut ep [headshy HS002] baring heads 8″ lathe-cut ep [headshy HS005]

Little Pictures

Little Pictures was originally the cutesy electro-folk solo project of Mark Turner (the henderson/mechano). The “band” was expanded to a three piece consisting of Johanna Freeman on vocals and glockenspiel and James Halborow on drums. The band members