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Low Profile

phil bowering, steve garden, mike farrel, louise loft, stuart pearse and roger sellers. Discography picks in bold quiet streets ep [1982 flamewave / jayrem FR-2] elephunkin’ [1987 flamewave / jayrem FR-6]

The Letter 5

late 1980s jangly-pop out of christchurch from richard james, david ford, martin kean [the chills, stereolab etc), andrew brice, campbell taylor, blair parkes (all fall down, range), damian delas, andy moore and john pitcairn. Discography picks in bold you are… Read More »The Letter 5

Lovely Midget

rachel shearer (formerly of angelhead and queen meanie puss) started recording as lovely midget as of 1995 with a self-titled 10″ release. an unusual album featuring heavy noise quota (vocals, organ and guitar kind of float in and out of… Read More »Lovely Midget


the clear turned into lung in 1991, immediately releasing a live recording of their new material (actually performing still as the clear). they actually went on to a bit more acclaim than their earlier incarnation, and had slight cult success… Read More »Lung

Lead Leg

initially a solo project for johnathon ogilvie (yfc) the material that appears on the south compilation was recorded by ogilvie on 4 track at rob mayes’ gilby street house. ex yfc drummer micheal daily also happened to be in christchurch… Read More »Lead Leg

Demarnia Lloyd

Biography Demarnia Lloyd has been a particularly bright star in the Dunedin music scene in the mid 90s, forming her tenure performing alongside the likes of Alastair Galbraith, as well as forming the eclectic, dancy Mink, and their successor (whom… Read More »Demarnia Lloyd

Lady Die

the international telepaths di smith (who also goes by the name lucy lurex) released several cd-r’s on the root don lonie for cash label in a solo capacity. Discography picks in bold untitled cdr [root don lonie for cash rdl068]… Read More »Lady Die

Lets Planet

caroline easther, alan galloway, murray costello, ben stewart and helen cairney. Discography picks in bold favours [1990 pagan PAL1065] loving tongues [1993 pagan PACD1107]

Locking Cycle

4-piece electronically fused and goth-tinged industrial act out of christchurch. formed out of the remains of valerie violet, locking cycle took the recommended step of honing their live performance for several months before appearing live around christchurch, and it made… Read More »Locking Cycle


dunedin-based 3-piece outfit comprised of campbell kneale (guitars, synth, drums, vocal), andrew savage (guitar, percussion) and leon schultz (guitar, effects, drums), who released a series of home-brew and relatively melodic noise/drone/guitar pice albums on kneales own celebrate psi phenomenon label.rn… Read More »Lugosi

Letterbox Lambs

wellington based 4-piece formed in 1996, the letterbox lambs were paul trigg, anton wuts, julian desmond and oscar wuts – a power-rock outfit from wellington, sharing some of shihad’s spotlight (they shared ep releases and constantly toured with their older… Read More »Letterbox Lambs

Lost/Found Sound

more experimental side-project of thee strapons featuring members don gone, nova, matt alien and ben johnson. this line-up released the small-run solarphonic lathe-cut ep (get lost with) the lost/found sound in 1998. Discography picks in bold (get lost with) the… Read More »Lost/Found Sound

Love in a Gas Oven

dunedin group from circa 1984, featuring ivan purvis (guitar), nathan mcconnell (drums) and jonathan underhill (saxophone/vocals).Music Videos TVNZ Dunedin and ChCh bands 1984, featuring LIAGO