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Lovely Midget

rachel shearer (formerly of angelhead and queen meanie puss) started recording as lovely midget as of 1995 with a self-titled 10″ release. an unusual album featuring heavy noise quota (vocals, organ and guitar kind of float in and out of a generally pretty damned lo-fi mix. a leisurely approach to writing and recording saw lovely midget return the best part of a decade later with north head – which saw a fair bit of positive underground press.


picks in bold

  • 1995 lovely midget white 8″ lathe-cut [self-released]
  • sings the lost chord lathe-cut 7″ ep [self-released]
  • ‘voiceless’/’planet caravan’/’waxy digit’ lathe-cut 7″single [ping air 009]
  • lovely midget 10″ [1995 Ecstatic Peace]
  • lovely midget CD [1995 corpus hermeticum HERMES033]
  • lovely midget 7″ single[pink air pink air009] rn
  • north head [2003 family vineyard FV24]
  • Fakerie DVD [2007 Family Vineyard]

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