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Letterbox Lambs

wellington based 4-piece formed in 1996, the letterbox lambs were paul trigg, anton wuts, julian desmond and oscar wuts – a power-rock outfit from wellington, sharing some of shihad’s spotlight (they shared ep releases and constantly toured with their older brothers). through-out their life-span the letterbox lambs always showed a lot of potential, but after taking 4-years to release their full-length debut (eventually released on desmonds own stinkbuzz label), the band eventually just ran out of steam and disbanded in 2002.rn2005 saw the posthumous release of their self-titled 2nd album, a studio recording that contains most of the bands live ouevre from the tail end of their career.


picks in bold

  • box of fluffies cassette ep [1996]
  • not a private joke [2000 stinkbuzz records]
  • leterbox lambs [2005 destroy records DR4111]

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