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Little Dead Things

christchurch five piece the little dead things formed out of the ashes of all fall down and genie and the wild children. all the members of the little dead things are also in other groups at the same time as little dead things making this band sort of a warped super group. the bands line-up consisted of blair parkes (vocals / guitar – swim everything, all fall down), john chrisstoffels (guitar – terminals, ex hiding from stan, trillionaires et all), brett lupton – drums (catherine wheel, jenie and the wild children), mark tyler – bass (catherine wheel, salmonella dub), dave hunt – guitar (catherine wheel, elevation).the band recorded a batch of songs at rob mayes gilby street house and these tracks were mixed over the 1990 period and released as a self title mini album in april 91.

this cassette only release contained seven slices of alternative pop from the raw throb of “dreamy sceno”, through the one and a bit minute spin of “trip”, to the more fragile melody of “skylight”. the little dead things formed in late 1987 but really got it together in 1989 with the addition of an new rythm section and another guitarist bringing the line up to three guitars, bass, and drums. a succession of christchurch gigs and a quick trip to dunedin saw a certain amount of enjoyed public exposure for this group, but the low key nature of many of these performances meant that this debut release was the only real chance for many outside of their home town of christchurch to sample their music.the band drifted off into other projects during 1991, parkes to creeley, lupton to squirm, hunt to elevation (which also contained steve birss and jeremy taylor later of throw), and the supertanker, then pumpkinhead and the stereobus, chrisstoffels continued with the terminals and other side projects such as space dust and more recently the trillionaires with ross humphries (pin group) on vocals .


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  • little dead things ep [1991 failsafe SAFE014]

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