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[profile thanks to rob mayes]
arising from the distant ashes of blue flesh syndrome and cell, lurch were a combination of british shoegazing and semi-industrial riffing, with a touch of early goth. the band consisted of: layton davies – vocalist / guitarist (cell, cilium 19), wayne leary – guitar, stuart britten – drums, and rebecca bishop – bass.
both leary and britten had been in blue flesh syndrome and that band’s shoegazing and gothic overtones were bought through to lurch’s dark overtones. davies previous outings had been aimed at the industrial sounds of bands like nine inch nails and he bought through that side to the sound of lurch. the result was at times quite powerful, the stand out track live being “risk”, an ambient groove of a track that spits random bursts of guitar chords through out. the band recorded 4 tracks with failsafe toward the avalanche and good things projects. an excellent version of “risk” appears on the avalanche cd. live the band could surround you in an envelope of sound and draw you in, or alternately the could be self-indulgent and aimless. the band finished their career with a slot at the avalanche release party where they decided not to play any of the tracks from the release and instead performed a sprawling free form composition for their 20 minute set. since then davies has gone on to experiment in techno stylings with baiter cell.


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