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The Livids

palmerston north outfit comprised of andrew carey, nathan harris, regan o’brien, sean o’brien, who released several albums on the spotty dog label, before fracturing, carey and o’brien going on to form trough.


picks in bold

  • hard of hearing no.1 cassette [1994 split w/ blunt / rake spotty dog 01 spots]
  • cheviot 7″ lathe-cut ep [1995 yellow bike]
  • spanning the bowl 7″ lathe-cut ep [1995 spotty dog 004 spots]
  • wide load: heavy load [1995 split w/ shoeshine / whitey hiss spotty dog 005 spots]
  • oroua downs [1996 spotty dog 011 spots]
  • 5 amp fuse wire lathe-cut [1997 spotty dog 014 spots]

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