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Lamp of the Universe


Hamilton-based former Datura multi-instrumentalist Craig Williamson has released an ever-growing discography of solo albums since Datura’s demise in the late 1990s, originally under his own name, but now under the bizarre hippy-pseudonym Lamp of the Universe.

Single-handedly crafting psych meditations utilizing sitar, tabla, guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, synthesizer, rain-stick and Williamson’s vocals.


  • The Cosmic Union (2001, Cranium)
  • Echo in Light (2002, Cranium)
  • Heru (2005, Barl Fire Recordings)
  • Earth, Spirit and Sky (2005, September Gurls)
  • From The Mystic Rays Of Astrological Light (2006, Astral Projection)
  • Arc of Ascent (2007, Astral Projection)
  • Acid Mantra (2009, Astral Projection)
  • Trascendence (2013, Astral Projection)
  • Doors of Perception split release with Krautzone (2014, Headspin records, w/ Krautzone)
  • Split release with Trip Hill (2014, Clostridium Records, w/ Trip Hill)
  • The Inner Light Of Revelation, 2015, Astral Projection)
  • Hidden Knowledge (2016, Clostridium Records)
  • Split release with Kanoi (2017, Clostridium Records w/ Kanoi)
  • Align In The Fourth Dimension (2019, Sulatron-records)
  • Dead Shrine (2020, Projection Records)
  • The Akashic Field (2022, Headspin Records)


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